Napata Mero

Napata Mero is a woman of the world, having toured internationally for many years.

John Karr of The San Francisco Bay Guardian says of Napata:

"She's as exotic as her name... we hardly have time to be seduced by her sultry, dreamy looks... for her high-energy and general joyousness don't allow for much sitting back; when this girl sings, you sit up!"

Indeed, Napata is a performance piece unto herself. As distinguished music critic Philip Elwood of The San Francisco Examiner aptly put it: "Mero [is] a tall, lean, spitfire of a vocalist with impeccable taste in both songs and attire."

Napata's international appeal brought her to the Quai du Blues cabaret in Paris, where audiences packed the club nightly to see her. Other credits include the Monterey Jazz Festival in Noto Japan, where she shared the stage with Maynard Ferguson and his Orchestra. Napata appeared again with Mr. Ferguson, this time at the Brisbane Jazz Festival in Australia. In the Spring of 2004 Napata opened for Earth, Wind, and Fire at The Tabarkan Jazz Festival in Tunisia.

While touring for three months in Taipei, Taiwan, Napata aroused and excited her audiences nightly with electrifying performances. Her continent to continent shows are still making waves.

And what is the secret of this dazzling diva? Napata loves what she does - and so do her audiences, because her boundless energy and enthusiasm are irresistible forces.

Listen to what Napata has to say:

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